Carmen Johnson, 6th Grade Teacher

Small Miracles more than lives up to its name.  This program is thousands of little miracles for everyone involved.  That is definitely true in my case.

I met Linda and got involved in the program last summer.   I thought this would be a good way to spend some of my time, meeting perhaps some local kids and giving back to this great community.  It was all of that, but so much more.  Under Linda’s tireless leadership, every summer more and more kids are getting not only a quality meal, but the chance to build relationships and grow.  I built relationships and grew as well.

I spent many of my lunch days at the Rock Island Park and at the Clovis Point and Grant sites.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but because I am a teacher I knew the kids would be hungry for a lot more than a lunch, and they were.  Kids would show up early and wait patiently, speculating about what would be “in the bag today”.  They would get excited when they found it was one of “their favorites”.  They would excitedly peek into the cooler and ask, “Can I have more if there is some left.”  Small miracles is a bright spot in the day of so many kids.  It is a healthy, delicious meal they can rely on.  But, what they really came in need of was some company and the opportunity to talk and share.  At my sites, we read books, played games, and chatted about what the day would bring.  We exchanged silly stories and discussed the world around us, all while enjoying a great meal.  That is the vision of Small Miracles…a community effort to feed kids in every way…to provide opportunities…to help all of us to grow.

I was so impressed with the way Linda and her volunteers run this program.  It truly takes a small army to provide thousands of lunches over the summer.  She has everything planned out and laid out so that lunches are ready on time, arrive on time, and are enjoyed by all.  She personally drives around town if necessary to bring extras if more kids than planned show up.  She has a vision and it is becoming a reality.  The program is quickly expanding, and Linda and her board (not to mention her anxious army of volunteers) are looking ahead to more sites, more activities, and other opportunities to provide food to families.  Small Miracles is making a difference in our community, and I feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of it.  I encourage anyone who is thinking about getting involved to do so.  You will get just as much out of it as the kids do.