Jay Young, Retired Teacher

After retiring from teaching at Wenatchee High School after 47 years, I felt the need to be helping in some capacity. I saw a request in the Wenatchee World looking for volunteers at Small Miracles. The need was for volunteers to deliver food, serve children and then return the remaining food to the main site. There were two people at each of the sites around town. One would deliver, both would serve, and then one would return any left overs. I was so excited to be a part of this program. The children were amazingly polite and had a look of joy in their faces as they received their food. It was a wonderful way for me to help and be a part of an incredible journey. The time it took to volunteer was completely offset by the rewards each and every time. Thank you Small Miracles for providing this opportunity, I will hold this memory near and dear. 

Jay Young