What should I know about Volunteering with Small Miracles?

  1. Each volunteer is required by the USDA to attend a brief training with Small Miracles. If you have not attended this year, please contact us at smallmiraclesncw@gmail.com, or at 509-888-9495.
  2. Children are hungry, even in bad weather. Just like the Post Office, we work in all weather. So grab your sunscreen, a jacket, and maybe an umbrella!
  3. Your child is welcome! You are welcome to bring your child along to volunteer. And hey, they get a free meal as well!

What does the Volunteer do at each site?

Currently we offer two positions at each site.

  1. Delivery/Serving: Volunteer report to Foothills Middle School in Wenatchee at 11:30 and transports lunches and equipment to their designated site. Volunteer sets up, and is ready to serve lunches with another volunteer at 12:00 sharp. This shift concludes at 12:30, after lunches are served. 
  2. Serving/Delivery: Volunteer report to their designated site at 12:00 pm (or a few minutes before), and is ready to serve lunches with another volunteer. After lunches are served, volunteer returns equipment and unused food to Foothills Middle School in Wenatchee. This shift concludes at 1:00, after equipment and food is returned.


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